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[ mar 15th 2009|1:54pm]
<a href="http://WWW.SYSTEMEDESTREET.COM/CDA5240F87574D8387EBDE8FEC733210/tracklink.asp?guid=30DB6AF7CB2B415783F41C5945CAE460" target="_blank"><img src="http://media.godashboard.com/julienk/JK-InStoresNow-350x200.gif"></a>
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[ nov 25th 2006|11:55pm]

[ mood | thirsty ]

This is lame but...I'm just stopping by to say hello cuz i just made this journal and i need friends. And figured the best places to find my idea of quality people(legions) is to post in the Deasdy communities. So...anyone who wants to feel free to add me.

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[ nov 12th 2006|5:18pm]

So... who wants to sell me a ticket to either sold out show in the 930 club in Washington DC... OR.... The Nokia theatre in NYC?!?!??!?!?!?! I will love you forever....

P.S. why the deftones? I'm not a fan.
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Custom Deadsy / Google [ jul 31st 2006|3:37am]


Click Me!

You can customize all the links and make it your homepage. If you get lost (or just don't get it) there's also an FAQ.
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[ may 8th 2006|5:24pm]

message to elijahFATWA

pt cruiser

make up fake screen names. too lame.

flowing glower bi-polar cornholer lawnmower

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new kid [ feb 12th 2005|2:04pm]

[ mood | tired ]

I'm Jess, I'm from Floridathe goddamn sunshine state and I love Deadsy, Kill Hannah, Zeromancer, and Mindless Self Indulgence. That's it I suppose.

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[ oct 12th 2004|3:19pm]

hey ive been in this communtiy for a long time but i haven't had the cahnce to post in it.. but neways.. i was jus wondering if neone knew the truth about dr.nner. is it true?!?! is he really gone?!?! please let it be a mistake!! ;__________;!!!
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[ sep 23rd 2004|3:15pm]

I don't know if this community allows selling, but I'll give it a try. I have a Deadsy shirt I hardly ever wore ((I probably wore it once)) and I'm in need of money badly, so I'm trying to sell it.

The shirt...Collapse )
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[ sep 8th 2004|5:47pm]

[ mood | creative ]

Hi. I'm Jen and I'm new to this community. I live in New York. Deadsy is one of my favourite bands...I also like the Smashing Pumpkins, Zwan, Garbage, Radiohead, Guns N' Roses, and My Chemical Romance. Well, that's about it.

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[ aug 26th 2004|2:54pm]

i just love how everyone stops posting when i join =[
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[ aug 15th 2004|6:25pm]

helloo everyone! i'm new to this community and i just thought i'd introduce myself.. my name is Trinh, i live in CT, and I LOVE DEADSY!!! some of my other favorite bands are Rammstein, Orgy, The Birthday Massacre, and Zeromancer. =] by the way i really love the layout!<3
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[ aug 10th 2004|5:53am]

I heard Deadsy played for the first time at a Hot Topic today. I almost spazzed...cross that out, I think I did.
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New [ aug 9th 2004|10:58am]

My name is Liz and I just joined. I totally LOVE Deadsy. Uhm..yeah. I guess I'll say more...later.

P.S. Wasn't their new CD supposed to come out in Feb? Did I just miss it comming out or something?
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FUCK [ jul 30th 2004|11:46am]

[ mood | angry ]

Deadsy will be playing with Orgy at The Key Club in Los Angeles on Thursday, August 26th. It is an all ages show with those UNDER 18 being required to buy two drink/food tickets ($6 total) in addition to the ticket price of 15$.

This is a once in a lifetime chance to see these two bands perform on the same bill.

Please be sure not to miss it, as this show will SURELY sell out. Tickets are now available via The Key Club or Ticketmaster.

See you there

- Do you all know how much I want to be in Los Angeles right now!?!?

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Stuff [ jul 9th 2004|5:14pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

We've just opened a community on Myspace.com. Click here to check it out.http://www.myspace.com/deadsy
There is also a new Official Deadsy Chatroom. http://www.deadsy.com/chat.html

Yeah this board needed an update, so here I am, and yes it was a shitty update but hey, I guess it can be news....

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Club Decease [ may 26th 2004|4:02am]
Club Decease just put up 2 new songs on their website, you should check them out...

club decease

click the picture to go to the site.
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For any of you who are in that area. [ may 25th 2004|5:06pm]

[ mood | awake ]

.:. Deadsy Show - June 28th at the Roxy in Hollywood .:.
Deadsy will be playing a show on Monday, June 28th at the Roxy Theatre on the Sunset Strip. It is an ALL AGES show, $10 per ticket. A band called In The name Of... will be opening, Deadsy should go on at 10pm. Tickets will be available for advance purchase thru The Roxy (in person or by phone w/ credit card ) and Ticketmaster (subject to surcharge). The show will sell out, so please get your tickets early. Deadsy will be playing many of the new songs from their upcoming release, "Phantasmagore"

They really need to start a tour, and come here to chicago. But anyway I figured I'd post that up, because no one ever posts in here.


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[ may 23rd 2004|10:06pm]


New Wave/Synth Rock Alternative Music!


Macht Apparel Media
Click that link and scroll down and you'll see the mp3s. These songs are compliments of Macht Apparel, The Anix and Vanity Beach. And it's 100% legal to download.


"New" is the hidden track off the Anix's latest album "An Illusion Of Time"

Buy "An Illusion Of Time" By The Anix

The Official Anix Website


"The Massive" is off of Vanity Beach's debut album "Nights Of The New"

Buy "Nights Of The New" by Vanitty Beach

The Official Vanity Beach Website




Brandon of The Anix @ Kcal's battle of the bands)

The Anix won Kcal's Battle of the bands. Now that they won the Kcal Battle of the bands, We need all of you guys to email the Bob show saying that The Anix won and you want them to play our music! You might want to say your from the San Bernardino area. It would probably help. Please support unsigned Synth Rock.

Please. It'd help a lot.

Buy anix merchandise at http://www.machtapparel.com

- The Anix Street Team
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What happened? [ may 23rd 2004|12:08pm]
Does anyone still post in here? It seems to be mostly dead now.
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hi [ may 20th 2004|4:15am]

[ mood | stressed ]


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