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My name is Liz and I just joined. I totally LOVE Deadsy. Uhm..yeah. I guess I'll say more...later.

P.S. Wasn't their new CD supposed to come out in Feb? Did I just miss it comming out or something?
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Welcome to the comminity.
Their new album isn't out yet... no one really knows for sure when it will be released... -_-;;
Ahhh that sucks! They better come out with it soon...or I'll..just sit here and wait some more... :/
Yeah, there's really nothing we can do to speed up the release but sit back and wait like good little legions.
They are playing another show soon. i dunno if it was meantioned here yet- they are playing with Orgy sometime at the end of the month...
Perhaps that is some sort of progress happening... ::sigh::
i like your icon, btw. ^_^
Hmmm I wish they'd play somewhere around me...but I live in the middle of nowhere. :humph:...Thanks!
you can wait for phantasmagore for 3 years like everyone else did for commencement.
maybe next year. but probably not.