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For any of you who are in that area.

.:. Deadsy Show - June 28th at the Roxy in Hollywood .:.
Deadsy will be playing a show on Monday, June 28th at the Roxy Theatre on the Sunset Strip. It is an ALL AGES show, $10 per ticket. A band called In The name Of... will be opening, Deadsy should go on at 10pm. Tickets will be available for advance purchase thru The Roxy (in person or by phone w/ credit card ) and Ticketmaster (subject to surcharge). The show will sell out, so please get your tickets early. Deadsy will be playing many of the new songs from their upcoming release, "Phantasmagore"

They really need to start a tour, and come here to chicago. But anyway I figured I'd post that up, because no one ever posts in here.

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Yes, the do need to start a tour. They also need to come to Ohio.
Hmmm...that would be awesome. Now I just need to find someone that will drive me six hours.
I wonder how far it would be from chicago...I might be able to get a driver, but the drive down there would be aweful, I'd have to sleep in the car, because I have no money.
eekk, that would suck...I'm sorry.
They need to get their ass down to Tx to Dallas just for me! :(
they need to come to the east coast man. there are fans here too :o(
Let's just say they need to tour the U.S.